Pewdiepie Slammed For Mocking TikToker


PewDiePie has received some negative feedback.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a Swedish YouTuber known by his stage name, is under fire for a new video in which he purportedly mocks a deaf TikToker.

This video of PewDiePie watching Scarlet May tell a narrative in ASL has since been removed from YouTube, but it may still be found on social media (ASL).

The video had only been playing for a few seconds before he abruptly stopped it, saying, “No, I am not watching this.”

Pewdiepie Mocks Deaf TikToker

After remarking that his pug shares May’s “same crazy nails,” PewDiePie employed the canine to perform an impression of May’s signature and voice.

PewDiePie removed the controversial segment from the video and reuploaded it to his 111 subscriber base after receiving swift backlash for “mocking” a fellow social media personality.

But he neglected to update the video’s banner, which still featured May’s image.

Unfortunately for Felix, several social media users had already recorded the clip and shared it online.

One individual who shared the video wondered why nobody was discussing Pewdiepie’s mockery of a black deaf woman in the clip.

User 2: “As if the person could not be any worse, Pewdiepie is making fun of a deaf TikTok maker for signing in her videos because she has long nails.”

Honestly, if you still enjoy Pewdiepie, you need to grow tf up. Another user chimed in, “He is racist, and now he is reportedly insulting a deaf woman on TikTok who used sign language.

May posted a new TikTok video in which she discussed the situation.

She informed her fans that “it was needless” for him to make a video response to one of her TikToks in which he “made fun of my fingernails, trying to make fun of the signs using his pets, and, I guess, during one point ridiculing my voice.”

May, who now has 6.2 million TikTok followers, explained that she wanted to highlight the fact that many sign language users also sport lengthy fingernails.