Are There Any Legitimate Essay Writing Companies?

Essay Writing Companies
Essay Writing Companies

Nowadays, the popularity of academic writing companies is simply incredible. Millions of students use their services annually. A legitimate custom essay writing service e.g. CustomWritings is able to fulfill any piece of writing in any academic discipline. Its professional academic writers do everything quickly and according to your demands. However, it’s not always possible to identify a trustworthy company.

On the other hand, to facilitate your work with essays you can buy custom essay online and get a cool result.

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest fakes that simply steal the money and time of naive students. Young people have to be extremely cautious when they choose a helping website. Fortunately, there are certain criteria that can tell you whether a website is trustworthy and can suit all your needs. We’ll describe them here below.

Quality and Essay Writers

Everything begins with the checkup of the quality. Students want to receive the highest grades, which are given for the excellent pieces. Therefore, check the quality of writers. Highly reputed platforms always provide free samples exactly for this purpose. Order several samples, attentively read them and check how good they are. Don’t forget to check the average rating of the writing company and read some feedback from people who have already used its assistance.


The status of a writing platform is essential. You should choose out of the top-rated writing companies because they are legitimate and trustworthy. They can be found in all independent surveys and reviews of special informative websites. They gather information on the Internet and give their objective rating. It’s based on the kinds, numbers, and the level of quality of writing platforms. Experts likewise recommend reading customers’ testimonials to draw confident conclusions.


You should obligatorily check the specialization of your writing website. Such platforms are commonly divided into two categories. The first category specializes in one or several related subjects. For example, a writing company writes papers on mathematics, algebra, geometry, physics, finance, accounting, and other related subjects. Nonetheless, it doesn’t help with assignments in psychology, philosophy, history, literature, etc. The second category of writing platforms provides help with any discipline. Accordingly, it’s more beneficial for students.

It’s likewise important to check the types of assignments it completes. Some platforms focus only on essays. The others have a wider spectrum of possibilities. Thus, you may count on:

  • Dissertations;
  • Term papers;
  • Case studies;
  • Research proposals;
  • Laboratory reports;
  • Book/movie reviews;
  • Capstone projects, etc.

Besides, they commonly offer all kinds of academic support. Competent writers write, edit, cite, make references, craft outlines, gather evidence, generate topics, etc. However, some platforms don’t provide some of these conditions. Therefore, check the whole spectrum of possibilities.


Every academic assignment is limited in time. Accordingly, you should find a website that completes the orders extremely fast. Obligatorily read customers’ testimonials and independent reviews. Check the percentage of orders delivered on time. Respectful companies always provide this information, as well as their average rating because they have nothing to hide.

Commonly, standard essays are written in some 3-4 hours and sometimes, even faster. More complex assignments require more time. When you see the order form, it commonly provides the possible deadlines. They vary from 2 hours to 30 days.


Although the assistance of academic writing companies is absolutely legal, most teachers and professors are against this form of support. Therefore, students have to disguise their collaboration with writing websites. Make sure your helping website never shares your personal information with somebody else.

Trustworthy platforms likewise use efficient software, which protects its databases. Check what software is used and read information about its features. Thus, you’ll know whether it can withstand all forms of cyber-attacks.


Professional writing companies are obliged to release only 100% authentic papers. This information can likewise be verified using informative websites and customers’ testimonials. The process of writing and editing runs in the following steps:

  • Writing the project;
  • Checking it with plagiarism checker;
  • Eliminating non-unique elements;
  • Reworking and improvement of the project.

Mind that writing companies commonly mention writing formats they can apply. These are APA, MLA, Chicago, and some others. This service is offered for free, as well as plagiarism checking up.


The matter of price is another important criterion you should always assess. Highly reputed platforms set relatively cheap prices to make their services affordable. Every order is fully customizable and so, you’ll be able to determine the total cost. Such websites also provide pleasant discounts and 100% monetary compensation.

Accessibility and Customer Support

Finally, pay attention to the regime of work. If you require continuous assistance, choose a website that functions 24/7. Moreover, it’s supposed to offer a team of support that provides clear answers to all your questions.

Before you make the final decision, obligatorily check all these criteria. If you have some additional demands, you’re welcome to verify them as well. Make your own list and review each potential helping website. Afterward, match the results and choose the most suitable variant.

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