How to safely increase the number of Instagram followers ?


It’s no secret that financial opportunities are available only to promoted accounts with a large audience. The number of followers on Instagram is a valuable asset that, with the right approach, can be constantly monetized. In this article, we will consider how to create a good start in this social network and get the first results in a short time.

How to quickly create popularity in an Instagram account?

There are many options for developing an Instagram account, but as a rule, promotion tools require either a large financial investment or are very time and labor-intensive. Now, most people delegate this task to professionals and one such company is VipLikes.

With service, you can create quality results in the shortest possible time and increase the number of followers, likes, comments, saves, etc. High profile activity creates social proof, so people perceive your content as valuable, your brand as authoritative, and people convert into subscribers and customers faster.

VipLikes has been on the market for more than six years and during this time the company has formed an arsenal of tools that ensures quality results for clients and eliminates possible risks. Here you can buy real Instagram likes, followers, and other activity metrics and not worry about being blocked or getting a shadow ban.

The company provides around-the-clock technical and informational support, which makes interaction with customers more productive and results more rapid.

How to prepare an Instagram account for promotion?

Promoting your profile is important to start with its design and its filling with selling triggers. Profile header is an important conversion element that people see when they first contact you. It creates a first impression that can not be made twice. A well-designed profile header determines whether a person will continue to learn the profile, sign up,  buy, or not.

Your profile should include several triggers. The first one is the face on the avatar, faceless accounts are much less likely to be subscribed to and interact with. The second trigger is an understandable title and description of the profile. It should be clear who you are and how you can be useful. The third trigger is pinned Stories, you need to put more information there: reviews, successful cases, useful materials, your accomplishments, price list for your services. The fourth trigger is a completed contact field and a link to contact you.

Next, it is important to design the visual part of the profile, as it is an important element for high sales. You must have personal photos, and they should contain captions of posts’ titles. When a person visits your profile he should immediately understand what you write about. Your content in both Feed and Stories must consist of four main points. The first one is helpful posts where people will see you as an expert. The second type of content is personal posts, to make it interesting for the audience to follow you. Engaging posts are an important format to involve people in communication. The fourth type is sales content, which is necessary to generate sales.

How else can you increase your Instagram audience?

One of the most effective ways to attract new target audiences is targeted advertising. To get the most effective results, it is important to divide the groups of advertisements by different interests. You need to do this to understand which ones work best and which ones don’t and to increase the budget for the mechanics that work.

If you have a limited budget, do not rush to use it all at once. Distribute it evenly, for example, for a month. So there is less chance of losing the advertising budget, it is easier to monitor the effectiveness of advertising, the cost per click in this approach will be less.

If you want to increase the impact of your ads, you should create a dynamic video. In Instagram, people have banner blindness, they don’t pay attention to ads and video allows you to attract and hold people’s attention on the background of the information noise.

When you advertise in the feed, you can use a link to your profile in the text. That way you make it easier for people to interact with your ads and add one more way to contact.

If you have a poor conversion rate, then re-targeting is a must. These ads are aimed at people who have somehow interacted with you. For example, the person came to your profile but didn’t sign up, you again target it with ads and offer to sign up. People are not always ready to make decisions instantly, and your task is to remind them about you smoothly to bring them to the purchase.

To sum up, VipLikes is an effective marketing tool that can help young accounts get fast results, increase popularity and create a strong positioning in the online space. It is only one of the ways of promotion, so you need to constantly add new tools and test different tactics to achieve long-lasting results.