Kari Lake, Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Goes To Court

Kari Lake

After her defeat in the race for the Arizona governor, Republican candidate Kari Lake has gone to court against the loss to Kati Hobbs of the Democratic Party. She has challenged the decision and asked a US court to reject certified results of the gubernatorial election from the most populous Arizona county.

Kari Lake has asked the court to either go for a rerun of the governor or declare her the outright winner there. The lawsuit was filed on Friday by Lake and is centered around various difficulties that voters experienced including long lines as they voted in Maricopa on the election date.

Kari Lake filed the challenge in the Superior Court in the County. She has also brought allegations that hundreds of thousands of votes were cast illegally though she has not given any supporting evidence to back up her wild claim.

Kari Lake Earlier Refused To Say She Would Accept A Loss During Campaigning

Kari Lake has declined to acknowledge her loss to Hobbs by a margin of over 17,000 votes. Even before the elections, the Donald Trump-backed candidate had refused to say whether she would accept the results of the elections if she lost. In an interview, she dodged when she was asked several times whether she would accept the results if she lost.

The former newscaster had also denied the 2020 election loss of Trump in Arizona and pushed that as the forefront of her gubernatorial campaign. She has repeatedly boosted Trump’s baseless claim of election fraud and falsely called President Biden an illegitimate president.

Maricopa County officials have declined to speak on Kari Lake’s demand to reject the result of the election. A spokesperson would only comment that the county respected the election process and was eager to share particulars about the organization of the general election in 2022.