Patrick Crimmins Revealed 9 Investigation About Transgender Minors

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

There have been reports of nine new cases where transgender minors were abused. These new cases have been reported by the spokesperson of DFPS, Patrick Crimmins to CNN on Thursday. These cases registered in Texas are currently receiving healthcare services. 

Patrick Crimmins Gave Out 6 New Abuse Cases

The groups that advocate civil rights stated in last week’s court hearing that they just knew about three abuse cases and their respective investigations. Later on, the Dallas Morning News reported nine more cases about gender abuse with the statements of Patrick Crimmins.

Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas announced in the month of February that surgeries conducted for gender affirmation on transgender children amount to child abuse. Moreover, in many cases, these children are often prescribed drugs to have an impact on their puberty and these too are illegal. 

In continuation to the legal assessment of Paxton, Greg Abbott gave an order to DFPS to hold an investigation which must be quick and accurate, and detailed information must be taken about these cases in Texas. 

The inhuman action towards these children has been criticized by several people including Patrick Crimmins. There will be a meeting on Friday in Austin where all the advocates will voice their opinions about the steps taken by Paxton and Abbott. The objective of this meeting is to hear all the positive and negative opinions about the initiative of investigating all the child abuse cases. 

In addition to this, the matter will be heard by a judge of the district court this Friday and he will decide whether this practice will be immediately banned or not. However, Amy Clark Meachum, a judge gave a judgment that the state cannot hold an investigation of child abuse against an employee of DFPS. This judgment was appealed by Paxton and Abbott which was dismissed in the Third Court of Appeals due to the issue of jurisdiction.