Jane Fonda Announces Cancer In Remission

Jane Fonda

Identified the illness named non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, activist and Oscar-winner Jane Fond had announced earlier the present year and now on Thursday, she came up with the announcement that the cancer is coming to the process of remission and that she can finally do away with chemotherapy treatments.

Jane Fonda Grateful For All The Love And Support

Jane Fonda turned 85 this Wednesday and posts a blog with the title receiving the best birthday present ever. She writes in her blog that she feels very blessed and fortunate. She also thanks all for praying and for ending her good thoughts. She says with surety that the prayers played a very important role in the improvement of her health.

An excerpt was posted on the walls of her verified account on Instagram which stated that she is extremely happy because she could easily cope with the four chemotherapy radiations while the last one did make the journey difficult. Jane Fond further writes that the last chemotherapy session lasted for 2 weeks which was not only rough but also made things difficult to be accomplished. However, the effects did reflect right before she left for her Washington trip to take part in a rally.

Jane Fonda revealed her being identified as having non-Hodgkin Lymphoma earlier this September. Jane Fonda also said that she has a higher chance of surviving because of her health insurance and also with the help of the best team of doctors and their treatments.

Jane Fonda has won Academy Awards twice. She has also been nominated five times for the Oscar because of her phenomenal acting with the most recent nomination being in 1986. Apart from these Jane is also an advocate. However, she has been spending her recent years focusing on environmentalism and climate change. She has also been meeting lawmakers in order to propose plans to take necessary steps to save our planet.