Machine Gun Kelly Involved In Fight With A Spectator

machine gun kelly
machine gun kelly

In the weekend, Machine Gun Kelly possibly got more than he was expecting as he landed in the center of one more feud at a music festival. He was performing in Kentucky on Saturday when the incident happened.

A Bad Night For Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly, the singer of “Bloody Valentine” was giving a performance at Louisville’s music festival named Louder Than Life. That is when the scuffle broke out involving a concertgoer.

The feud apparently started when a man, who is yet to be identified, jumped out from the crowd and pushed 31-year-old Machine Gun Kelly. The performer was busy singing at the moment.

Security jumped in as soon as they could. But that did not keep MGK from getting involved himself. In a clip, Machine Gun Kelly could be made out throwing a punch at the man. However, the video quality is too blurry to make out if MGK’s fist actually hit any part of the man.

Nevertheless, Machine Gun Kelly was pulled away by security, finished his performance, and completed his set. Representatives of the musician had not responded immediately. The Music festival authorities had nothing to say either.

The physical alteration involving MGK was not the only highlight of the singer for the night. The singer of “Drunk Face” did not get a good reception from the audience. Some could be heard booing the singer as he went up on stage earlier in the night.

A viral video documenting the festival has shown the crowd chanting criticisms of the singer before booing loudly. In the video, concertgoers can also be seen showing MGK the middle finger when he was on stage.

At a point, MGK sounded defeated and just wished the audience to enjoy the remainder of the music festival. 

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