Asa Hutchinson, The Arkansas Governor On Biden’s New Vaccine Mandates

Asa Hutchinson
Asa Hutchinson

Asa Hutchinson, the governor of the state of Arkansas, gave a statement on the newly introduced vaccine mandate. It was recently introduced by Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. The Arkansas governor stated that the mandate only leads people to be more resistant to get vaccinated and follow the pandemic protocols in the country. This announcement came on the 12th of September that fell on a Sunday. 

Asa Hutchinson On The Negative Effects

The Republican governor from the state of Arkansas also gave a statement on the way forward as well as on the seriousness of the virus. Asa Hutchinson stated that the virus was an extremely serious and lethal one. And the government throughout the city was trying to do its best to get the people inoculated.

On the newly introduced policy of the Democratic President of the country, he stated that since he was trying to do his best in the state to get over the vaccine resistance, the mandates were creating a barrier for him. Governor Asa Hutchinson stated that the actions taken by the President were further hardening the entire process of vaccination. 

The Democratic governor of the country made the announcement just last week on the new set of vaccine mandates. According to that, the vaccine rules that will be maintained in the country are extremely strict. They are strict to be maintained by the large employers, staff, members of the healthcare departments, as well as federal workers.

This move of the government has angered numerous politicians from the Republican Party including the Arkansas governor, Asa Hutchinson. They claimed that this was an act of “judicial overreach.” He criticized the mandate as an assumption of the authority of the federal mandate that was unprecedented. He further stated that this has only led to a widened country in terms of vaccine mandates when it should have been just the opposite.