Joe Biden
Joe Biden

News Alert, News Alert!!!  Stop the presses!!!  Vice President Joe Biden is going to announce his choice for a running mate in the 2020 Presidential ElectionOh sorry. False alarm. Wait, no, today WAS the day! With almost 3 whole months before the election, his handlers finally decided on CA Senator Kamala Harris, maybe with a little push from the 100 self-proclaimed Black leaders who sent a letter to Biden stating they wouldn’t vote for him if he didn’t pick a Black woman running mate 

And why did those 100 “influential” Black men agree to support Biden if he chose a Black woman? Do Vice Presidents set policy?  I seem to recall that Vice President Biden served in that position under a Black President. Twice! And did we ever once hear the word “Juneteenth?Oh Come on, Man!  It was a different time!  

And now it is YOUR turn! Do you choose the two old White guys who have done remarkably well despite extraordinary circumstances, or the really old White guy with the younger Black gal? At least she will still be around to take over for him when he needs it, but one has to wonder if Ms. Harris will be as pliable as the Democrats need her to be. With Biden supposedly winning in the polls without a Vice President (which is truly IMPOSSIBLE to believe and most likely a bit of frippery fished out of the Fake News Media bin,) let’s see if the “Vote Blue, No Matter Who” banner plays out.    

Sleepy Joe was probably reminded of his promise a long time ago to pick a Blafrican-American, although as a pretty racist guy, it might be tough to work with one day in and day out, even though “I come out of the Black community” (NOT). Ms. Harris has apparently forgiven him his inferences that she supported him, as they weren’t exactly on the same page in the early debates.   

 Ms. Harris will have to walk back Biden’s recent statement that Latinos have more diversity of thought than most Blacks, that those having a problem figuring out who to vote for “ain’t black,and fellow Democrat AOC’s statement that Latinos are Black. Biden has been around for a long time, so his past record supporting segregation stands for itself, as do his lies about participating in the civil rights march, that he was almost nearly practically close to getting arrested a couple of times (NOT), and that his first wife and child were killed by a drunk truck driver.  

Biden’s latest lie had to do with his refusal to be tested for cognitive decline, even after an earlier statement that he had been and was constantly tested! He challenged CBS News Correspondent Errol Barnett to get tested as a cocaine junkie if Barnett expected Biden to be tested for dementia. The joke there is that there is no stretch in thinking that Biden is losing touch with reality, since we have seen over and over definitive examples of memory lapses and fits of frustration resulting in Biden’s yelling at constituents to forgetting what he was running for or where he was or who was with him 

One big personal worry for Ms. Harris should be creepy Uncle Joe’s hanky panky business. He usually directs that nasty behavior towards little girls or female Secret Service, but we have seen the occasional exception where an older female gets caught in his clutches. BTW, were the allegations put forth by Ms. Read ever resolved, or was it just deep sixed? 

Perhaps Sleepy Joe feels that he doesn’t need to debate Trump because he’s smarter! After all, he has stated several times that he was near the top of his law school class (NOT!), taught in a college setting (NOT!), and was a lifeguard that liked children to rub his hairy blonde legs (YES). Biden has also asserted that Trump is our first racist President, despite the fact that several early Presidents owned Black slaves, which is an interesting bit of history that Joe may no longer remember.   

So Biden definitely needs to debate Trump on whatever issues are presented, without being fed the questions first!  COVID-19 should have nothing to do with the debates between two grown men as queried by reporters, assuming the questions have relevance.  It is without precedent or fairness to ask the American people to vote for the highest office in the land without seeing the candidates sidebyside on an even playing field. 

In speeches and interactions with the public these last 6 months, Joe Biden has shown in so many ways that at almost 78 years old, he is not mentally or physically fit to be President of the United States. He may have been a terrific foil for Obama eight years ago, but now Biden is being used by the Democrats for their own purposes. Let the man retire from public view in peace. Find some other sorry smuck that can take on President Trump, and may the best man, or woman, win.   

Article Written By : Barbara Walsh