Joe Manchin Expresses His Disapproval For The 3.5 Trillion USD Bill

Infrastructure Vote
Infrastructure Vote

Joe Manchin, the senator belonging to the Democratic Party, gave a statement with regard to the budget that has been prepared by his party. The total amount of the pal is stated to be 3.5 trillion USD. It is aimed to focus on the social safety net of the United States of America as a whole. Democratic senator, Joe Manchin, also stated it would be very difficult for the US Congress to reach the timeline. The one to set the timeline is Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the White House. 

Joe Manchin’ Views

The West-Virginia-based senator gave his views and his decision with regard to the 3.5 trillion USD bill at one of the shows of a popular news channel. There, Joe Manchin clearly stated that he would never support the said bill, and Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the US Senate. Democrat Joe Manchin also stated that Schumer was already aware of this as they “talked about” it.

The concerned bill was proposed by Joe Biden, President of the country. The ones who are in favor of it are trying their best to get the approval so that they succeed in passing it. And as of now, the US Congress stands to be divided narrowly. The politicians of the Democratic Party are hoping that they will succeed just by getting the votes of the Democrats. 

Mark Warner, the senator who belongs to the Democratic Party, gave a statement with regard to the economic bill. The Virginia-based senator stated that the bill does not have all the necessary provisions like housing assistance. The funding that has been allocated for it is not enough. This statement was given on the 12th of September that fell on a Sunday.