Astroworld Turns Into A Tragedy

Travis Scott
Travis Scott

Astroworld was one of the biggest concerts recently. It was hyped up significantly. A large number of people were expected to turn up for the event. Travis Scott was the organizer of the gala event. He seemed very much happy with the ticket sales. Scott stated that the party would be the biggest and grandest after a long time. 

In reality, what happened was an absolute tragedy. The party took place at NRG Park. Expectedly, a large number of crowds gathered to witness the show. Infact, the number of audiences exceeded the estimation. This was the first alarm bell for the night. However, the organizers decided to continue the show. Little did they know what was coming at them. 

 At about 9:30 pm, the crowd began to push towards the center stage. This created massive pressure on the barricades. As time went on, more and more people rushed towards the stage. Eventually, the pressure could not hold and a stampede occurred. This led to utter chaos and confusion. Let us learn more about the Astroworld tragedy below. 

Astroworld Massacre Report Eight Deaths 

In the most unfortunate manner, eight people died of the stampede. Many others are severely injured and are currently at the hospital. Almost three hundred injuries have been reported. A number of complaints have been launched against Travis Scott. Police have assured to investigate the happenings thoroughly. 

The Astroworld incident is the biggest mishap recently. The inability of the security personnel to control the crowd has been questioned. Some citizens have compared the incident with the 1970 WHO concert. Eleven people lost their lives in that. The identification of the bodies is ongoing. A total of seven bodies have been successfully identified. Astroworld will ain as a prominent scar on music lovers’ minds forever.