Hilary Duff Pierces Ears Of Her Daughter

Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is one of the well-known faces in America. She is a woman of many talents. She specializes in acting. Duff has had several successful stints as an actor. She has acted in movies like “Cadet Kelly”, ” Agent Cody Banks”, “A Cinderella Story”, etc.  Duff was passionate about acting from her childhood. She first appeared as a television star. Her portrayal of Lizzie McGuire became an instant hit. The fame of the show resulted in a movie, titled, “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”.

Duff has a couple of People’s Choice awards to compliment her acting prowess. Apart from being an actor, Duff is also a melodious singer. She has performed live at many concerts and gathered a lot of praise. Hillary has also produced several movies. The actress has currently focused on her own business. 

Hilary Duff has been in the news recently. She has shared the news of piercing her daughter’s ears. She was also teased about the negative comments that might be thrown at her. Let us learn in detail about the whole incident below. 

Hilary Duff Might Be Labelled As A Child Abuser 

Hilary Duff has shared some amusing news. She had her little daughter pierce her ears. Duff’s daughter is only seven months old. Duff broke the news on Instagram recently. She posted a picture with her little kid. The picture displayed a full view of the new pair of ear ornaments. Duff is a mother of three.  Mae James is the youngest of all of them. She shares James with Matt Koma. 

Hilary Duff went on to tease the critics. She had received a number of hate comments for doing the same to her older kids. She made her elder daughter pierce her years in 2019. She was only eight months old at that time. A large number of people termed Hilary Duff as a child abuser. She jokingly referred to the incident in her latest post with Mae James.