Attempt To Payoff Kari Lake Out Of 2024 Senate Race

Kari Lake

Kari Lake was at the receiving end of an attempted bribery that has seen heads rolling within the Republican Party. Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit was forced to step down after a tape was released that indicated that he had tried to pay Lake to bow out of the Senate race. DeWit has said that the conversation did not amount to bribery. He alleged that Kari Lake had threatened to issue another set of potentially damaging records if DeWit did not stand down.

DeWit has indicated that he would be back to his first calling, the business sector. He said that he was a field that he preferred over politics and seemed more logical to him.

Kari Lake Snubbed DeWitt’s Offer

Lake is close to Donald Trump and made an unsuccessful bid in 2022 for Governor. She repeatedly snubbed DeWit’s offer in the recorded conversation. DeWit is heard telling Lake that very powerful people wanted her out of the race. He told the former governor nominee that he was only conveying a message. He told Kari Lake that the powerful people ‘back east’ had asked her if she would be willing to be associated with any company and avoid politics.

DeWit repeatedly instructs Lake not to repeat the conversation. In the recording, he asks Kari Lake if she would be willing to agree to a number. Lake finishes the sentence for him by asking him if he was speaking of a figure to buy her off.

DeWit tells Kari Lake that it was not about being bought. She only had to keep out of the race for a couple of years. Lake outright dismissed the suggestion and said that it was something that she would never be able to do.

DeWit again suggests that Lake make a counteroffer instead. Kari Lake repeated that she could never be bought. DeWit said that the recording took place over 10 months ago at Kari Lake’s house. He said that he was not aware that he was aware that he was being recorded.