Kate Middleton’s Polished Imitation In A Farm Stand Video, Heidi Agan Denies Being There

Heidi Agan

After being purportedly observed this weekend at the Windsor Farm Stand alongside Prince William, an imposter of Kate Middleton denied dressing as the Princess of Wales. In a report that was published on Tuesday, Heidi Agan told the news channel, “There has been some speculation about whether it was Kate and William in that footage and stills.” “I know it’s not me, but my social media has gone crazy because people believe it to be.”

A nearby shopper captured the footage and confirmed that Heidi Agan was not the person strolling next to the Prince of Wales, but rather that she was “at work at the time.” 

Heidi Agan Firmly Believes The Clip To Be Real And Denies Her Presence 

I am aware that’s not who I am. She told the publication, “I firmly think that is Kate Middleton and William in that video.” Agan also asked conspiracy theorists to stop spreading false information and assured supporters that Middleton was “alive.” “Now, it’s all gotten too far,” Agan said. “It needs to stop; it started as a joke about where Kate was, but now it’s become a drama.”

Heidi Agan is the “most realistic Kate Middleton lookalike in the UK,” according to her Instagram page, and she has been professionally portraying the future Queen since 2012.  “I was shocked to see them there after all the rumors that had been going around,” the spy said to the UK Sun. “Kate looked well and happy while she was out shopping with William.”