Austin Butler Goodbyes His Troubling Accent

Austin Butler

When someone is way too deep into the role, they start to think and talk that way, which brings the best out of the character. Heath Ledger stayed in four walls for days, so that Joker’s character’s psychopathic persona comes to the surface, later we lost a gem of an actor. However, he was the best Joker world has seen. Just like that Austin Butler had to dive deep into the soul of Elvis Presley before opting for his role. And he nailed it. He was so into the character he started talking in that accent used in the movie and continued to speak that way only for a long time.

Elvis Presley Spaking Through Austin Butler

Austin Butler, 31 years old an American actor, whose face becomes the iconic Elvis Presley with a touch of makeup. And his talent comes to the surface when he played the role. He also got the best actor nomination for the 2023 golden globes award. Austin Butler’s accent changed rapidly, the more he went deeper into the character, he started feeling his presence. In his own words, there are pieces of Elvis Presley that live in his DNA.

And someway he is linked with him. After receiving the best actor for drama at the Golden Globe 2023, Austin Butler made sure he thanked everyone on his team to make his Elvis dream come true. He further shared how the Presley family helped him immensely to dive into the character, the tiny part of Legend’s character which is unknown to the world, was shared by his daughter. And it broke Austin Butler’s heart that on the Golden Globe 2023 he lost someone who he got very close with, Lisa Marie Presley.

Dave Bautista also talked about how Austin’s voice is different, it’s like someone else is trapped in his body. And there is a concrete theory that Austin Butler does sound like Legend Elvis Presley. Soon he will be seen in Dune 2 alongside Bautista, where he plays the role of a younger brother, and Dave said it’s the sweetest thing. Fans are eager to see Austin playing another, he has set the bar so high, that every now and then he could be judged for even silly mistakes which are often overlooked.