Navarone Garcia’s Faced A Close Call

Navarone Garcia

A terrifying accident was about to happen, and Navarone Garcia merely saved himself. If anything bad had happened Priscilla Presley couldn’t have digested it. Navarone is the half-brother of Lisa Marie Presley. Just two weeks after her death, he met and fatal accident, couldn’t process the whole, all happened so fast. Who could have thought a camel can be dangerous, a calm animal can be deadly, clearly seen through his shaken words.

A Dog Helped Navarone Garcia

He was visiting a sanctuary and feeding animals. Activities that are often picked by many to feel good, which released feel-good hormones in the brain, let go of all the negative feelings. The camel Navarone Garcia was feeding, bit his hand and later lift him up in the air. The camel was abused before in the circus company and was freakishly strong. Naravone ran out of food and this accident took place.

Within a minute, the camel dropped Navarone Garcia on the ground and pounced, and kept doing it until it got the whole head in fit in its mouth. Even the sanctuary workers couldn’t get the camel off of Navarone. A dog on site sensed something was probably causing everyone to be yelling and Navarone Garcia was crying for help, then the dog attacked the face of the camel. And that dog literally saved his life.

Later, when Navarone Garcia shared his incident involving this camel, there was terror in his voice. In his own words, his mom could have lost two kids within two weeks. The incident took place right after Lisa Marie Presley’s death, who died of a heart attack.

Just after the incident, he was taken to the nearby hospital and he looked like a character starring in a horror movie, looked like Carrie’s male version. Navarone Garcia got 34 staples on his head later. Thanking god he survived it and came out from the ER as fresh as new. This was a life-changing accident, and he is closer to his mom now after the incident. Learned to value little moments.