Tiger Woods Showed Happy Tears After Hearing Her Daughter’s Speech

tiger woods
tiger woods

Sam Woods, the 14-year-old daughter of Tiger Woods, presented his father as a member of the Hall Of Fame in regard to World Golf last Wednesday. This event was held at PGA Tour’s headquarters. Tiger Woods went to the stage to share it with her daughter and lost control of all his emotions once he hugged her.

The Legend That Is Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has a record of 82 wins and 15 championship wins and with this tremendous career result, he came week on his knees after seeing her daughter doing so much to make him proud. Sam, his daughter wore a beautiful red dress and gave her speech very elegantly with calmness just like his father. 

She shared stories about her father like the day she was born on 18th June 2007. Tiger Woods lost to Angel Cabrera the day her daughter was born and after looing, he did not wait a single minute. He even entered the hospital wearing a red shirt. She mentioned that though he lost that day, he gained the most precious thing in his life. 

She took the cover of the stage very confidently just like her father plays on the golf court. All these stories completely moved him and made him cry. He tried to joke about it by saying that he just lost his bet with Steve that he would try his level best not to cry. The most sensitive point came when she was telling the story of the car crash where Tiger Woods went through numerous surgeries. These surgeries on his right legs prevented him from participating in the PGA Tour

Tiger Woods is known for his comeback in Masters victory in 2019 after his surgeries and he did a lot of things for the game of golf. He is evergreen and the roughest player in golf.