Austin Has Stepped In The Strict Era 

US Vice President Joe Biden (L) meets with General Lloyd Austin, the commander of United States Forces - Iraq (USF-I), and US ambassador in Iraq James Jeffrey (unseen) at the US embassy upon the former's arrival at Baghdad on a surprise visit on November 29, 2011, during which he is due to meet top Iraqi officials, as American troops depart Iraq ahead of a year-end deadline. AFP PHOTO/AHMAD AL-RUBAYE (Photo credit should read AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP via Getty Images)

Russian aircraft hit a US drone recently. That crossed the line, according to Defense Secretary Llyod Austin. The incident took over the black sea. The defense secretary is mad over this thing. He strongly that serious measures must be taken now. Primarily he and his team have decided to fly drones on international law allows them to. The situation between Russia and US has got tense now. Risks are greater.

 Austin Has Stepped Up To Protect His Country

 A few months ago a Chinese balloon was seen floating over US territory. That terrified the citizens. Previously the US has warned china of the consequences. In any way, they tried to tie up with Russia invading Ukraine again.

Austin is well aware of the risks and he has warned his team to take care of everything. The team will be taking care of everything with discipline.No further mistakes can be made which might frighten or put citizens’ lives at stake. Two Russian Su-27 aircraft crashed the US MQ-9 reapers drone within seconds.

Austin was the first person to address this incident that occurred on Tuesday. After the incident, Austin talked to Russian counterpart defense minister Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday. This was the first Russia-US attack that happened after the Ukraine invasion. Russia is supposedly against the US for taking sides in Ukraine and helping them with weapons.

At the present moment, Moscow and Washington are at their lowest point. Perhaps there are some serious tense situations going on. Not only Austin but also the chairman of the joint chiefs is opting for unarmed conflict with Russia. They are trying to keep it cool at the very moment. Austin and others are calling this unnecessary attack on US drones reckless and unsafe action.