U2’s Name And Songs Make Bono Cringe

U2 photographed by John Wright

U2 vocalist Bono has admitted that many of his band’s songs make him “cringe” with humiliation and that he dislikes their moniker as well.

Over a 40-year existence, the band, comprised of Dublin schoolmates, has sold more than 150 million CDs. 

Bono Revealed That He Hated The Name U2

However, in an interview with the Awards Chatter podcast, the 61-year-old stated that other from 2004 hit Vertigo, he finds it difficult to listen to their music.

He also mentioned that his voice sounded strained in previous recordings. Since breaking onto the spotlight in the early 1980s, U2 has achieved ten UK number one albums and seven chart-topping singles.

Their fifth album, Joshua Tree, which includes songs such as With Or Without You and Where The Streets Have No Name, was just selected as the finest album of the decade by Radio 2 listeners.

While Bono believes that his band sounds incredible, he says he dislikes the sound of his voice, except on Vertigo. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb featured Vertigo.

The vocalist joined on the podcast with bandmate The Edge, who admitted that the group was never fond of their renowned title. He revealed that U2 was originally going to be called The Hype, but they changed their minds since the name seemed unoriginal.

Steve Averill, a graphic designer friend of theirs, then proposed some better ones. U2 did not wow them, but it was the idea they disliked the least.

Bono stated that it sounded new at the time. The name didn’t indicate what kind of band they were or how they sounded. It was the one they picked, and they didn’t like it at first.