Jennifer Garner Shares Funny Teen Love Story

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. She has been inclined towards acting right from her childhood. Her talents soon caught the eyes and Garner blossomed into one of the biggest stars.

The actress has received a lot of accolades and recognitions for her performance. The 2022 Hasty Pudding Award is the latest addition to the ornamented list of Garner’s achievements. The award was presented to her by the Theatricals.

Theatricals are one of the famous theatre troupes from Harvard University. Jennifer appeared at the award ceremony in a stylish manner. She sported a long coat that was black in color. The actress paired it with houndstooth trousers, and a knitted mitten.

Garner also had the Hasty Pudding medal on her neck as she spent time with the students. The actress also performed a can-can dance outside the Farkas Hall of the University. Jennifer Garner also shared a funny story of her college life.

Garner stated that everyone had a funny love story in their teens. People are usually immature at that age and do stupid things. The same was the case with Jennifer. She was dumped right after her first kiss. Let us learn about the story in detail below. 

Jennifer Garner Speaks About Getting Dumped 

Jennifer Garner was asked about her college life love experience. The actress laughed and shared a hilarious story.

Garner stated that she had her first kiss with Matt Crittenden. Garner went on to elaborate on the incident further. She said that Matt wanted to explore more of Garner to which the actress protested. 

This made Matt angry and he immediately broke up with Jennifer the next day. Jennifer Garner laughed and stated that she was just eighteen years old at the time of the incident. Garner also reflected on her present life saying that she was much more composed now. 

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