US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Praises Ukraine’s Battlefield Success

Lloyd Austin
Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, cheered Ukraine’s soldiers and said that the right combination of NATO weapons and skilled fighting was winning the war against Russia. He said that the former soviet nation was making good progress in the Kherson region and was successfully countering the Russian offensive.

Austin said that there was a change in both the mindset and the skillset of Ukraine soldiers. He said that the strategic deployment and use of American and NATO weapons, mainly the highly mobile air-rocket system (HIMARS).

Lloyd Austin Terms Russia’s Threat To Use Nuclear Weapons Against Russia Illegal And Irresponsible

Lloyd Austin said that the threat by Russia to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine was an illegal claim and an irresponsible statement. He said that nuclear saber-rattling was not the kind of statement that the world would like to hear from large countries with substantial nuclear capabilities.

It is a significant battlefield gain for Ukraine since it launched a fast and strong counteroffensive in the northeastern region of Kharkiv last month. Russia has been using Lyman as a transport and logistics hub for operating in the Donetsk region.

Lloyd Austin pointed out that there has been a significant change in battlefield dynamics. He said that the Ukraine forces were doing exceedingly well here and had taken advantage of the opportunities that they received.

Austin said that Ukraine would continue to move forward and attempt to take back all the territory within their sovereign border. He said that there would be no let up in their efforts and neither would the US and NATO pause in the support of their cause.

When asked the reason for not arming Ukraine with more long-range weapons, the Secretary of Defense said that the US was providing those weapons that would be most effective on the battlefield at this moment.