Bachelor In Paradise: Meeting The Triumphant Couples

Bachelor In Paradise
Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise has finally come up with the winners. It was a romantic show that was adored by the fans. All eyes were on the season finale. The finale revealed the names of the couples that git engaged. In other words, the winning participants were revealed. The show ran on air for three weeks. The period may seem a bit shorter for a reality show. However, it seemed that the couples had enough time to gel along with themselves. They found their loved ones within the period and decided to get engaged as well. Let us have a glimpse of the winners of the show below.

Bachelor In Paradise Wraps Up 7th Season

This was the seventh season of the reality show. The show is mainly a reality show of the romantic genre. The season finale is done and dusted and the winners seem to be very much happy. 

Serena Pitt & Joe Amabile got lucky to find love in each other. The couple was among the three lucky winners of the show. Serena is 23 years of age. She works as a publicist. Her hometown is Toronto, in Canada. Joe on the other hand owns a grocery store. He resides in Illinois, Chicago. Both the couples were engaged in the final episode. A recent picture shows the duo relaxing at a swimming pool. 

Mari & Kenny Braasch are the second couple to get tangled in Bachelor In Paradise. Mari lives in Maryland. She works as the director of marketing. Her full name was Marielle. Kenny was 40years old. He managed a boy band and lived in Chicago. Maurissa Gunn & Riley Christian were the last ones to win the show this season. Riley and Maurissa took parts in The Bachelorette and The Bachelor respectively. 

Bachelor In Paradise can be viewed on ABC. The show is aired on Monday & Tuesday.