Bob Dylan Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has been in the news recently for the wrong reasons. He has been accused of sexually harassing a minor. The incident is reported to have taken place way back in 1965. The victim in question was twelve years of age at that time. The victim filed a suit in the court of law. The lawsuit was filed on Friday. Court decided to keep the victim’s identity secret. They revealed only the initials, which read “J.C”. Dylan was accused to have wrongfully taken advantage of his celebrity status. 

Bob Dylan Sued For His Deeds In 1965

The recent suit filed against Dylan accused him of exploiting a minor. The victim has accused the pop star to have taken undue advantage of her. She also accused him to have misused his celebrity status to sexually harass the woman. According to the reports filed, Dylan allegedly carried on the assault for over six weeks. Dylan would take the victim to his apartment at the Chelsea hotel. The timeline during which the exploitation was carried out is expected to be between April – May. 

Drugs and Alcoholic substances were also provided to the victim, the report stated. Daniel W Isaacs was the attorney for the victim. His report termed the instincts of Bob Dylan as predatory and shameful. He also accused the popstar to have used his client for pleasure. The victim reported giving no consent to Dylan for the sexual actions. 

However, the lawyers of Bob Dylan did not believe the claim. They stated that the accusations were fifty-six years old. They demanded an explanation as to why the victim chose to stay shut all these years. Dylan’s lawyers suspect this to be an attempt to bring down the fame of the musician. They assured to leave no pages unturned to probe the innocence of the star.