Voters in Wisconsin Will Accept Revisions To The Election Laws Supported By Republicans


Voters in Wisconsin will pass two election-related amendments to the state constitution, a victory for Republican legislators who have sought to change the state’s voting laws in anticipation of the presidential election in November.

Conservative activists who have decried what they have dubbed “Zuckerbucks,” the money that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, donated to a nonprofit that ultimately assisted administrators nationwide in conducting the 2020 election despite the COVID-19 pandemic, have won their battle with the vote to outlaw the use of private funds in election administration. Roughly $10 million of the $350 million one-time payment went to Wisconsin-related counties. 

Wisconsin Has Shifted From Donald Trump To Joe Biden 

The grant managers stated that politics had no bearing on their decision-making process and that any municipality that applied for the funding was awarded it. Opponents counter that the funding unjustly influenced the 2020 election outcome as Wisconsin shifted from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and increased Democratic turnout that year, especially in the state’s biggest cities.

That year, Biden won Wisconsin by less than 21,000 votes. Following his loss in 2020, Trump and his supporters have continued to assert without evidence that election fraud had a role in his loss in the Badger State. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, since the 2020 election, more than two dozen states have outlawed, restricted, or otherwise controlled private contributions to elections.