The Bachelorette Will See Katie Thurston Engaged To Blake Moynes

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette has seen several controversies throughout the series- with Katie Thurston adding to it. The reality star has been juggling her relationships with Blake Moynes as well as Justin Glaze- and she finally came to a conclusion when she decided to get engaged with Blake Moines. This happened at the finale of season 17 which also showcased Greg Grippo’s shocking exit. Interestingly, Katie was quite confused by the departure of Greg when the episode began- but later she decided to stay back for Justin and Blake. 

Katie Thurston Chooses Blake In The Bachelorette

The real debacle took place now in ‘The Bachelorette’ as Katie subsequently went on yet another date with Blake- where she opened up about her strong feelings for Michael Allio and Greg. She also spoke about how she had considered quitting the show when Grippo left. This made Blake sorely underestimate the connection Katie shared with Greg- which led to him doubting his own engagement- due to her past. 

Nevertheless, Blake trudged along- telling Katie that he absolutely loved her. Interestingly, Katie ended up disregarding her own promise of saving this declaration until the process got over. After they spent the night together in the fantasy suite, Katie was confident that Blake was the only man she wanted- be it The Bachelorette, or in reality.

In the middle of it was Justin- who was planning on his date with Katie. Here, Katie decided to break up with him because of her feelings regarding Blake which were very solid. 

Blake and Katie’s final date in The Bachelorette was beautiful- as they came past several obstacles to reach where they were currently. Although Katie’s aunt was not as supportive of Blake- it was the couple who decided to move past all the negativity and find solace for themselves.