Bachelor Star Clayton Echard- What Do We Know?


The Bachelor has made a return on Primetime television, and this once, we would see Clayton Echard handing out the roses. The former NFL athlete has been named the star of the 26th season of the famous reality show which premiered on the 3rd of Jan on ABC.

If one were to dig deep, they would realize that Echard has a deep connection with the show, as he was a former contestant on The Bachelorette, when Michelle Young was the star. He managed to form a genuine connection with the school teacher but was then eliminated in the 6th episode of that show. Young ended her season by being engaged to Nayte Olukoya, and now it is his turn to find love with 31 women trying for his heart. 

Clayton Echard Will Star In The 26th Season Of The Bachelor

The Bachelor star stated in the teaser of the show that he was just a normal, simple boy from Missouri who was out there trying to find his perfect person- he was absolutely excited to get married and he believed that he would be finding his wife from amongst the 31 women that would participate in the show. In his interview with PEOPLE, Echard spoke about how always followed his heart, but still somehow found himself in unfamiliar water during his journey in the show. 

The star of Bachelor had promised himself that he would not be giving his heart away to multiple people, but in the end, he fell in love with three different women. And at that point, he had accepted it but realized that he would have to stop living his life in complete absolutes. While the end result wasn’t perfect, he believed he had handled it to the best of his abilities- and no matter what, it was his life, his choices that would matter in the end. 

This season of the Bachelor would be hosted by Jesse Palmer after Chris Harrison decided to step down in February. Echard might find some support in Palmer, as he has also been a former NFL player and was the star of the show back in 2004. 

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