Kenan Thompson Shares His Emotional Experience On SNL & Sitcom S2

Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson

The good news for viewers is that ‘Saturday Night Live’ is soon scheduled to restart their 47th season from 15th January 2022. Kenan Thompson had appeared on the show before was forced to stop. On the other hand, the COVID-19 cases are rapidly surging again with a new omicron variant. Hence, schedules cannot be trusted anymore as they can go for a toss. 

SNL had concluded on a very grave note during 2021 due to the reason that the coronavirus pandemic had forced the show to stop. The last episode had aired on 18th December 2021 and it was hosted by Paul Rudd. The pandemic made the majority of the cast and crew members ditch the show including Charli XCX, the musical guest. 

The only remaining comedians that stayed on were Michael Che and Kenan Thompson who appeared on the show live. 

Emotional Experience For Kenan Thompson 

Kenan Thompson has maintained consistency and been the longest-tenured member of the history of SNL. The show is running its 17th season currently. 

Thompson is 43 years of age and managed to make time for SNL while shooting for the 2nd season of ‘Kenan’. His own show has been wrapping its production and will be an NBC sitcom. 

Kenan Thompson mentioned that he had gone through 7 weeks of works that gave him no break at all. After which he took a 2-week break from SNL to wrap up ‘Kenan’. It was filed in Los Angeles. His bi-coastal schedule was much more relaxed due to the vaccine protocols. This season will bring an interesting take on the show that got him nominated for an Emmy. 

Thompson added that is worried about the COVID situation and assures that he will be beside the needy.