Puka Nacua Gets Emotional Before Clash With Bengals

Puka Nacua

Puka Nacua, of the LA Rams, was touchingly emotional as he stood for the national anthem before the game vs. Cincinnati Bengals Monday night. The rookie wide receiver has turned into one of the real gems of the 2023 NFL Draft. He was pulled out of BYU during the 5th round and is already setting new records for catches as a rookie. He has become a major part of the Rams offensive that has seen a strong resurgence in recent times.

Puka Nacua was visibly emotional as the national anthem played out ahead of the Ram’s game versus the Bengals. For Puca Nacua, it has been a whirlwind the past couple of years. Other than assuming a major role for his new team, Puka Nacua also has a lot of other things to take into consideration at such a great moment for him. While he continues to go through a bright patch in his career, he is currently going through a great form. This should help him to shine in his rookie season and also beyond at the LA Rams.

Memories Of His Father Stirs Puka Nacua Before Each Game

Puka Nacua still gets emotional before each game and many say it has something to do with his dad’s love for the game. It could be that memories of his father still troubled him. Puca Nakua lost his dad at a very young age. He says that it was his father who inspired him to become a professional football player. The passion for football he inherited from his father. He spent hours and days encouraging his son to watch football games on tape instead of watching cartoons.

But Lionel Nakua died at just 45 years old in 2013 due to complications from diabetes. He could never fulfill his dream of seeing Puka Nacua play in the NFL. All of LInel’s sons fulfilled their father’s wish that they should represent BYU, his favorite university.