Patrick Mahomes Heeds Andy Reid Advice To Be The Grim Reaper During Grim Times

Patrick Mahomes

When Gabriel Davis, the Buffalo Bills receiver, managed a touchdown with just 13 seconds to go against Kansas City Chiefs, the situation was indeed grim for the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, their quarterback. The stage was set for an unlikely comeback.

The Bills were up 3 points after the touchdown at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The Tomahawk Chops had just 3 timeouts to assist them. The Buffalo Bills helped them by kicking to the end zone and preserving the time left. But the Chiefs’ offense still had a trying time as Patrick Mahomes realized.

After the game, Andy Reid, the coach of Kansas City Chiefs was asked about his advice to Patrick Mahomes on the grim prospect of a defeat.

Andy Reid said that his advice to Patrick Mahomes was to be the Grim Reaper during the grim period and to go and get it.

Patrick Mahomes Heeded Coach Reid’s Advice To Be The Grim Reaper

Mahomes did precisely what Andy Reid advised him to overcome the tough situation. A couple of completions directed to Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill made up 44 yards. It led to a field goal by Harrison Butker and pushed the game into overtime.

Andy Reid said that Patrick Mahomes did as prodded and made himself and his teammates better. He said that the quarterback was great at motivating people, and it comes effortlessly to him.

Reid said that when the situation becomes tough, he is there upfront firing up the players, and they appreciate it.

Mahomes continued to reap in overtime. The Chiefs won the flip of the coin and Patrick Mahomes completed 5 passes and set up the touchdown that proved to be the game-winner. It was a throw to Travis Kelce that finally ended an outstanding night at Arrowhead for the Kansas City Chiefs.