Marc Short, Mike Pence’s Former Staffer Compares Trump’s Advisers To ‘Snake Oil Salesmen’

Marc Short
Marc Short

Marc Short, the former chief of staff, became the latest among senior Republicans to speak up for former VP Mike Pence. It marks an escalation in the feud with the former President over the validity of the presidential election.  Marc Short said that Trump’s advisers for the presidential election in 2020 were similar to ‘snake oil salesmen.’

Donald Trump was furious at Mike Pence for rejecting the disgraced former president’s falsehood that he was empowered to reverse Joe Biden’s win by rejecting the results of 7 of the contested states.

Pence had delivered the strongest censure to the lies perpetrated by Trump and his election managers. At Florida’s Federalist Society, an influential nonprofit organization for conservatives, he labeled it un-American to assume that an individual had the power to choose a president.

Pence’s position was backed by Marc Short and Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski, Marco Rubio, and John Barrasso. In what is developing into a backlash against Trump and his subversion of democratic principles and his obsession with the 2020 presidential election.

Marc Short Said That It Was Evident That The VP Had No Power To Overturn The Results

Marc Short told NBC that the vice-president had no right under the Electoral Count Act or the 12th amendment to overturn the results. He said that Trump’s advisers who told him that Pence had the power to upturn the results were akin to snake oil salesmen.

Marc Short said that the VP had made it clear from the onset that he did not have that authority.

A day after a violent mob incited by Trump tore through the Capitol, Mike Pence declared Joe Biden’s victory on 7 January.

Marc Short was huddled with the then Vice President as a mob erected a scaffold calling for his lynching.

Marc Short said that the vice president had only done what the US Constitution afforded him. He was under a pledge to the American constitution and was doing his duty. He said that it was unfortunate that the former president had inept advisers who gave him novel and random ideas.

Mike Pence was moved to an underground safe-room as the lynch mob marauded through the Capitol. He refused to be evacuated, saying that he did not want the whole world to witness the visual of the Vice President of America fleeing.