No Way Home Review

No Way Home
No Way Home

No Way Home has hit the theatres. A lot of hype has been built around the movie. The pre-booking started as early as 29th November. Many anticipated the movie to be the biggest Marvel movie ever. The business done by the movie in the initial few days is massive. 

Only time will tell if it can surpass the mammoth success of Endgame or not. For the time being, let us focus on the movie. The latest edition of the film starts where ” Far From Home” left. Mysterio revealed to the world who Spiderman was. This created a huge problem for Peter. His life became a mess. 

The person who was close to Peter were also victims of the chaos. This led Peter to seek the help of Dr.Strange. He asked him to cast a spell that will erase people’s memories about Spiderman’s identity. However, Peter made a blunder and interfered with the spell. As a result, the spell got botched and cracked open the Multiverse. 

Different villains from the multiverse started coming through. This made matters worse for everyone. The movie features Green Goblin, Dr.Octopus, Lizard, Sandman & Electro as the villains. These inclusions gave the movie a nostalgic angle. Let us learn more about the movie in detail below. 

No Way Home Is A Massive Success 

No Way Home revolves around villains from different universes. They are trapped by Dr.Strange but get released by Peter. This leads to some fantastic action sequences. The movie answers the biggest question of the audience. Yes, it really happened. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are in the movie. Ned accidentally opens a portal and summons both the spiderman from different universes. 

The final segment has an epic fight scene. All three Spiderman fight as a team to make the villains go back to their universe. No Way Home is one of the greatest movies of the Marvel franchise. It remains to be seen how much revenue it can generate.