Barcelona has refused to decrease price for Coutinho and Bayern refuses to talk


Barcelona has refused to decrease price for Coutinho and Bayern refuses to talk further check out 1xBet is best of sporting bookmakers

Most certainly Coutinho will be in Spain again and Bayern waits to see how will the match with Chelsea go so they can proceed further to negotiations. Nowadays they are focusing on getting in shape for upcoming matches. Check out more on 1xBet is best of sporting bookmakers.

What does that mean for Thiago Alcantara and Thomas Muller? It’s especially tricky for Thiago since he has performed so well up until now. If he continues to perform this well, he will probably get raise of salary and extended contract. When it comes to Muller, he can still either go to Italy or England. Speaking of Coutinho, after he returns to Barcelona will probably be sold to someone else. However, that is because Barcelona won’t lower price for his transfer. You should make more money on 1xBet is best of sporting bookmakers.

Manchester United and Tolisso, make your football bets

Speaking of Tolisso, Bayern Munich has denied that they have loaned Tolisso to Manchester. That won’t happen. He will stay in Bayern Munich for much more time and try to accomplish as many victories as he can. He is a valuable player to the team and you should not miss out on him. Place your football bets on Tolisso or other players on 1xBet.

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Boateng about racism in Germany – – watch football games online

There was a scandal which involves racism and Boateng. Also, Hertha player was involved in this since the attack was towards him. Boating claimed to be shocked and sad because he feels bad for his mate and because he knows how it is to be the target of racist’s attack. Place some amazing bets on – watch football games online. Boateng also decided not to play for Germany’s national team any more. He decided that because the coach wants to take only young players to the European Championship. However, he hasn’t ruled out playing if there is a chance.

Let’s remember where Boateng played:

  • Hertha
  • Tottenham
  • Portsmouth
  • Genoa
  • Milan
  • Schalke
  • Las Palmas
  • Sassuolo
  • Fiorentina
  • Besiktas

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