Barcelona Wins Over Elche


The Barcelona Football Club stands at the near-top of the Spanish League. This achievement comes after their victory over the team, the Elche CF. The match between the two was held this Wednesday. The total score is 3-0. It was a match that got postponed owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lionel Messi, the star player, scored a total of two goals. Another player, Jordi Alba, also contributed to the success of Real Madrid. He achieved a goal during the other half of the game. With all these achievements, the rank of the team in the league is number 3. The second place is taken by the team, Real Madrid. They are just two points ahead of Barcelona. The team leading the league is Athletico Madrid. They are five points ahead of Barcelona.

Barcelona Has A lot To Conquer

The team of Lionel Messi had faced two setbacks in the Spanish League. It took place recently. They lost to the teams, the Paris Saint-German and Cadiz. The score from the match with Paris was 4-1. There had been a draw in the match between Cadiz and real Madrid.

Jordi Alba gave a statement with regard to the match. He stated that the win would go a long way in boosting the morale of his team. He also talked about a hard time that Barcelona had to face following the performance with Paris Saint-German and Cadiz. Alba further went on to display an attitude of positivity. He stated that the fight for winning the league title was not over yet. There are several matches left to be played.

Wednesday’s game had been postponed. This was to provide Barcelona with some extra time. The reason for this was because they had played late in the Champions League of last season.

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