Midterms Point Towards A GOP Victory Even After Roe vs Wade Overturning

2022 midterms

The political environment in the US has been heavily favoring the GOP since the 2021 fall. Since then, the situation for the Democrats has only worsened with skyrocketing inflation and plummeting approval rating of President Biden. However, a recently leaked US Supreme Court draft for overturning Roe v Wade can tilt the scales a bit in the midterms.

Can The Democrats Catch Up To The GOP By The Midterms?

A possible overturn of Roe v Wade will be an issue that Democrats can rally behind. In fact, the issue is powerful enough to swing a lot of the voters in their favor in the coming midterms. At the end of the day, the majority of Americans are supportive of the 1973 landmark decision by the high court legalizing nationwide abortion.

A new poll conducted by CNN, however, has pointed toward Democrats still coming out as the losers in the midterms. This is because the voters have lost trust in the Democrats’ ability to steer the nation’s economy in a favorable direction. As such, the survey results showed that the GOP’s advantage was a whopping 49% compared to the Democrats’ 42% when it came to the congressional ballot.

In the coming midterms, if the GOP manages to hold on to that lead that the win would be as large as back in 2010. Back then, the GOP regained control of the Majority in the House and was in charge of 242 of the 435 seats.

Additionally, this is the widest the gap has been with regards to the common ballot during this present cycle. Nevertheless, it would be nothing less than a mistake to say for sure that these results confirm the outcome of the midterms. At most, it seems to point towards the fact that the opinion of the draft abortion will not be as beneficial as the Democrats believe it to be.  

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