Bassnectar Stands Accused Of Sexual Harassment Among Other Crimes


Bassnectar, the DJ and record producer from America, stands accused of sexual abuse. The claim was made by two women. According to them, the record producer abused them sexually back when they were still minors. 

Bassnectar Accused Of Human Trafficking As Well

There was a lawsuit filed against the 43-year-old DJ. It was done so on the 5th of April. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two women, Alexis Bowling and Rachel Ramsbottom. According to the lawsuit, the accusations made against Lorin Ashton, which is the real name of the DJ producer, are not just that of sexual harassment. It also says that he is guilty of other illegal activities including child pornography and human trafficking.

It is said that Bassnectar is involved in both the possession and the manufacture of child pornography. The lawsuit also involves others along with the accused. They are Bassnectar Touring, Interactive Giving Fund, Redlight Management, Amorphous Music, and C3 Presents. All of them are accused of carrying out the illegal act of human trafficking. 

As per the details of the lawsuit, Bassnectar stands accused of making sexual contacts with girls of underage through means like the “BeInteractive amBASSadors program”, which is a charitable initiative, his fan clubs, and the social media platform, Twitter. It appears that the lawsuit is a part of an account that was created on the social media platform, Instagram, with regard to the accused. It had been created in June in the year 2020. It was a platform where several women came forth to make accusations over the DJ producer for the act of sexual abuse.

There was a press release held this Monday with regard to the case. The lawyers belonging to the side of the accusers gave a statement. It was stated that the main purpose behind filing the lawsuit was to hold all those institutions to be responsible who are providing help to these kinds of abuses.