Dave Chappelle Discussed West’s Anti-Jew Statement Controversy During The Opening Monologue In SNL

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle did not hid from discussing Kanye West and his anti-Semitism as he hosted SNL for the third time in the last weekend. While he was performing for the first time on the comedy sketch series Dave Chappelle confirmed his stance on the matter.

On SNL in the last weekend Dave Chappelle did not shy away from the controversy and probably showed how the superstars or the influencers should react to it.

Dave Chappelle,  49 has hosted the Saturday Night Live for the 3rd time. This time he joined forces with Black Star who were there with Chappelle as the musical guest for the evening last weekend.

In the show’s opening monologue, Chappelle chose a fifteen minutes script where he consistently focused upon the anti-jew comments made by the famous rapper and Kim Kardashian’s former husband.

At the start of the monologue, Dave Chappelle unfolded a paper and from it he told the audience back home that he does not encourage anti-Semitism at all in any form. He said that he stands to back his friends in the jewish community. Then he said that is how Kanye should have bought some time.

Dave Chappelle Cleared His Stance Against The Antisemitism of Kanye West On SNL:

Dave Chappelle, the comedian then said that although he usually gets in touch with West, 45, whenever the rapper is embroiled in trouble, he decided not to do that this time. He also mentioned NBA player Kyrie Irving.  the Brooklyn Nets had to suspend after his posts about a link to a film that encouraged anti-Semitism on social media. He also mentioned that the player do not enjoy playing in front of huge crowds, adding, “Talking about anything should never be this terrifying. It makes his work very challenging.”