Kal Penn Hopes Dev Patel Play His Younger Self On Screen: Feels He Is Too Old

Kal Penn
Kal Penn

Kal Penn wants Dev Patel to play the younger version based on his memoir You Can’t Be Serious. His dream scenario would be that his memoir top the bestseller list. And then he wants to sell its rights, and get Dev Patel playing his younger version.

Kal Penn was speaking at an online program on Wednesday. He said that he is too old to play his younger self. Dev Patel could do it. He hopes to make a series on Netflix.

Dev Patel was once wrongly credited for a performance by Kal Penn in Origin of the Name. but he wants him to play his young self in his memoir.

Kal Penn’s memoir also has stories about bullies in junior school from New Jersey. He mentions racism afflicting the entertainment sector, his working hours under the Obama administration at the White House.

Kal Penn Comes Out With His Sexuality In His Memoir

Kal Penn even dwells on his relationship with partner Josh, which has lasted 11 years. This is the first time that Kal Penn has revealed his sexuality in his memoir and the fact that they are engaged.

He says that he has always been open about his sexuality within his circle, including his friends and acquaintances at the bar. He said that he was happy to share his sexuality but his parents, two siblings, and Josh are quiet about it. He says that they are the people closest to him.

He said that they love the limelight while he prefers to be alone as he is constantly forced to stay in the limelight.

He says that Josh is modest on top of being quiet. He says that whenever Josh is with his family and friends, he is the one who is left out.

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