Right to Body: A Battle For Abortion Rights In The State Of Ohio

Abortion Rights

One’s freedom is currently being worked upon along with the many related issues that have been there throughout the centuries. One of the suppressing long-standing issues that have finally come under deliberation is abortion rights. The right toward one’s body is an important aspect that the authorities need to voice properly. While Kentucky and Michigan have already processed their demands, Ohio has emerged as a new arena for battling out the fight to put into action abortion rights.

Ohio, being a presidential-rule state, has sort amendments to its functioning in recent years. The disputes over the implementation of abortion rights might surface in the upcoming elections. If the state is able to resort to a voting system with regard to the decision of abortion rights issues, then Ohio might entitle itself as the first state to have a ballot counting. Signature Verification processes are scheduled to complete by July 20 with the Ohio State Secretary, Frank LaRose taking the final decision by July 25.

Ohio State Fights For Abortion Rights Amidst Serious Blockages

The November Election has brought into the foreground the issue of a constitutional amendment that risks the abortion rights fight being sidelined. Furthermore, the ballot elections were tried to be delayed resorting to reasons of summer vacations and school commencement when people were not accustomed to casting their votes. These blockages are being formed purposely by the respective authorities in order to either slow down or abolish the chances. 

The new obstructions have led to a string of confusion for the citizens who need to remember to vote differently for the different causes consecutively. Amy Fogel realizes this and understands the power struggles that are emerging. 

Amy Natoce outright protests the ballot timings to be undemocratic to ensure low turnout to the abortion cause. An intense fight for rights is unfolding and this would also reflect in “Issue No. 1”. Natoce dreams to expand the abortion rights cause to all 88 countries in the near future.