Baylor Football Tops Ole Miss In Sugar Bowl

Matt Corral
Matt Corral

A Sugar Bowl showdown against the top team from Mississippi was exactly what Baylor Football needed to validate its old-school techniques. Against a team with coach Lane Kiffin’s high-profile, explosive offense versus the old-school formula of superior ball control and highly aggressive defense.

Al Walcott, in the meantime, managed to put through a Sugar Bowl record, with an interception return of 96 years, with Monaray Baldwin racing 48 yards for the go-ahead score on an end-around. This led to the team from Baylor beating the team from Mississippi 21-7 on Saturday night as Matt Corral, the injured quarterback for the Rebels watched from the sidelines. 

Baylor Football Solidifies Their Identity As A Defense Focused Team

Baylor Football’s main highlights for the game were Abram Smith rushing for close to 172 yards in order to finish with a single-season record of 1,601 for a Big 12 Champion, which also saw them winning around 12 games on the trot in a season for the very first time. The defense of the team did the rest, finishing with 10 major sacks, out of which 2 were by the game MVP Terrel Bernard, and a few interceptions were thrown in the mix. 

Baylor Football coach Dave Aranda did talk about how the win wasn’t all about proving a point. In fact, it had stepped into something of identity for the team now- just to take the field, the spotlight, and play their natural game- which has been winning them game after game. 

Matt Corral could have been the foil for Baylor Football, but a sack and a half later, he was barely able to put any form of weight on his right leg. It would have been wiser for him to opt out of the game, but he decided that his team could do with his prowess. As it stands, the reason almost ended up career-ending.