GOP Candidate Jim Marchant For Nevada Elections Chief Pushes False Claim

Jim Marchant

Republican candidate for the election chief in Nevada, Jim Marchant, was alleged of repeatedly promoting false theories of conspiracy in the state.

With the congressional elections on 8th Nov quickly approaching, Jim Marchant has been going deeper and making the absurd assertion that well-known democrats in New York and California did not legally win reelection, even though they did so with wide margins of victory.

Minimum 11 of the chosen candidates of the republicans for sec of state in 2022 have denied, challenged, or attempted to reverse the presidential election outcomes in 2020, including Marchant. The landslide wins achieved by Nancy Pelosi, the speaker Rep. Adam Schiff of California, Senate Leader for the Majority Mr. Chuck Schumer, and Jerry Nadler, the rep of New York, are all contested, but he is the one to launch a campaign commercial questioning their validity.

GOP Candidate Jim Marchant Of Nevada Pushing False Claims!

The Jim Marchant commercial is “terrifying,” according to Nyhan, a pol science prof at Dartmouth College. He researches political disinformation and co-leads an effort to track the condition of democracies in the US. A contender for state secretary is airing an advertisement that “question[s] the validity of Dems winning *any* polls,” according to Nyhan, who wrote to CNN to express his “chilling” reaction to this. He claimed that Marchant “may easily destabilise the 2024 elections.”

The narrator said that George Soros helped to elect anti-American politicians. The news stories on Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, and Schummer’s triumphs in the elections are displayed on the screen. How is it conceivable, the voice continues? It isn’t. Then, more than a film of someone (in Detroit) placing many ballots inside a box, the phrase “IT’S NOT” emerge upon that screen in large red writing, suggesting that some form of ballot tricks may have contributed to their victories.