Abortion Clinics To Be Protected By The Attorney General

Abortion Clinic
Abortion Clinic

Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the United States of America, took an action with regards to the abortion clinics in the state of Texas. This action comes following the Texas abortion law that was recently passed in the state. One of the federal laws with regard to the subject was talked about him. He stated that he would extend protection towards those clinics by imposing the said law.

Abortion Clinic Under Protection

According to the said law, it is not legal to send threats to abortion clinics. It is also not right to threaten those patients who visit the clinics for health concerns. The law to be executed by Attorney General Merrick Garland also states that it is not legal to obstruct the entrances of the abortion clinics. The announcement was made on the 6th of September that fell on a Monday.

The Department of Justice of the United States of America is currently exploring the legal avenues in order to challenge the abortion ban that was passed in the state of Texas. It is to be upheld for a period of six weeks. The attorney general also claimed in his statement that his office was contacted by the said department as well as the states’ field offices of the FBI

In his statement, the 68-year-old Merrick Garland stated that the justice department will be extending its support to the abortion clinics every time it is under threat. The support will be backed by one of the federal laws. He also added that no violence against the patients of reproductive mishaps would be tolerated by the concerned authorities. He particularly mentioned both property damage as well as physical obstruction. The name of the legislation in question, as stated, is the “FACE Act.”