Behind Her Eyes, The Bone-Chilling Thriller On Netflix

Behind Her Eyes
Behind Her Eyes

The global premiere of Behind Her Eyes, the thriller series, is scheduled to be on the 17th of February. It will be aired on one of the well-known streaming giants, Netflix. The casting members of the show include Eve Hewson, Simona Brown and Tom Bateman.

The two producers involved in Behind Her Eyes are Sony Pictures Television and Left Bank Pictures. The show is an adaptation of a bestselling literary genre by Sarah Pinborough. The entire series is a very captivating one. The audience is expected to be kept on their toes until the ending is revealed.

Behind Her Eyes, The Plot

During the release of the book, it had been marketed using the hashtag “#WTFThatEnding”. The series is said to be so good that not a fan of the book going to be left disappointed after watching it. The total part of Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes is six.

When it comes to the ending of the thriller, viewers can expect to fall in love with it, and if not that then they are sure to be left with chills. The director of Behind Her Eyes is Erik Richter Strand. The one thing that is commendable about the show is the performances of the actors in the lead role.

The setting of the series is in London. It is the story that revolves around the life of a single mother, Louise Barnsley who is played by Simona Brown. She is someone with a part-time job at the office of a psychiatrist. Her only priority is life is Adam, her son. Barnsley in Behind Her Eyes has been cheated over by her husband who leaves her for another woman. However, things do not remain the same after she makes the decision to go out for date nights. One day Barnsley comes across a man who is Scottish. And this is where the real drama begins.