Ben Askren’s Next Boxing Match Is With Jake Paul

Ben Askren
Ben Askren

Professional fighter Ben Askren is going to have his next boxing match with 24-year-old social media star Jake Paul. The match, arranged by Triller, will be held on 17th April. Ben Askren, a UFC fighter, has been an NCAA champion for two years. He is a world champion in two globally acclaimed martial arts organizations as well.

Jake Has Been Privileged: Claims Ben Askren

In an interview, Askren has said that Jake has been privileged for his fame and he is just pretending to be a fighter. Askren also said that Jake will be awakened to the truth of being a real fighter on 17th April. Jake Paul, who came to fame after his victory over AnEsonGib. AnEsonGib is a YouTube celebrity who fought a match with Paul in January 2020.

Paul also won another match by winning over Nate Robinson, an NBA athlete. Paul started his boxing career two years ago.

In response to Askren, Paul said that though Askren is a fighting champion and has a record of having fewer losses than Conor McGregor, he will be defeated by Paul in this match.  Paul also claimed that the world still doubts his boxing ability as he had defeated a basketball player but not a real boxing fighter. Thus Paul is perceiving the upcoming match against Askren as a great opportunity to prove himself.

Ryan Kavanaugh, the founder of Triller, has confirmed to ESPN that the match will be held in a 20 x 20 ring and with ten-ounce gloves. The exact venue for the match is still not declared but assumed to be announced in a few weeks.

Ben Askren, 36, took his retirement from MMA after having treatment for hip replacement. In 2019, he lost his fight against Demian Maia. Though both the opponents seem confident about their victory, boxing lovers are expecting an exciting match on 17th April.