SpaceX Includes Laser Links In Starlink Satellites


Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX has declared that the company is now adding laser links to the Starlink satellites. The laser link connected to the satellites will enable the polar regions to have better broadband coverage. Musk also stated that there will be no need for ground stations in the polar regions after having the satellites with laser links.

Recently 10 Starlink satellites with laser links have been launched in the polar orbits. SpaceX had asked for approval from the Federal Communications Commission before going for the final launch of the mentioned satellites.

All Starlink Satellites Of SpaceX Will Get Laser Links Soon

Elon Musk also declared that eventually, all the Starlink satellites which will be launched by SpaceX in the coming year will have the laser links. Musk indicated that the laser links will be the standard feature of its satellites by 2022. The CEO explained that their primary focus right now is to provide laser links to the polar satellites. The new feature will now provide low-latency services in regions like Alaska as well. It will help all the American citizens as well as the US government to have a better connection with the polar regions.

The company has also revealed the outstanding potential of space lasers. Laser communication is considered to be the greatest achievement of SpaceX in 2020. Space lasers were tested for their capability of transporting data for a few months.

After getting positive results from the experiments, SpaceX requested FCC for approval on their recent venture in November. FCC approved only ten satellites with laser links to be launched initially. The reason behind FCC’s decision is the concerns on evaluating interference as expressed by various satellite companies.

While the new venture of SpaceX to launch laser linked satellites in polar orbits is definitely promising, Elon Musk is hopeful to turn it into a usual feature of their satellites soon.

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