Ben Carson Is All Set To Launch His ATC Think Tank

Ben Carson
Ben Carson

Ben Carson, the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), has declared that he is going to launch a conservative think tank soon. Carson said on Wednesday that the think tank i.e American Cornerstone Institute will be able to find solutions for several major problems of the country. He added that it will be set with the principles of community, faith, liberty, and life. The think tank will be committed to creating useful and simple discourse.

Objectives Of Ben Carson’s Think Tank

The chief focus of the American Cornerstone Institution or ATC will be to detect the most vulnerable problems of the country and provide genuine solutions for them. It will aim to safeguard individual liberty as well as enhance religious liberty.

Ben Carson also hopes that ATC will be able to resolve some of the most sensitive issues of the country and increase the efficiency of the government for the benefit of the country at large. Carson added that it will further encourage harmony in the country especially in the current situation of conflict. According to him, in recent times, there is a noticeable discord between the GOP and the country. Carson is optimistic that American Cornerstone Institution will make it possible to unify the country with the present government.

Carson stated that currently the citizens of America terribly lack unity among them. He said that there was a time when citizens of the country built a strong harmony and fought for justice, freedom, and equality. There was a time when civility, compromise, and compassion were celebrated and the government focused on wellness for the public and not only for their own gain.

Ben Carson was appointed as the HUD secretary by former President Donald Trump though he did not have sufficient experience and knowledge for the field. It is reported that Elaine Chao, the ex transportation secretary, and Mike Pompeo, the previous secretary of State, are joining in Carson’s venture of the ATC think tank.