‘Hard Knocks’ On Dallas Cowboys and CeeDee Lamb’s Catches, And Other Dynamic Highlights

Hard Knocks
Hard Knocks

Episode two of Hard Knocks by HBO features Dallas Cowboys in a jolly avatar. The relaxed training sessions where CeeDee Lamb, the wide receiver is seen to make funny antics at the training camp. The second episode features insights that are otherwise kept only behind doors. The docuseries was aired on Tuesday and gives a peek into the routine of the roster players and the stars of the team. 

Hard Knocks features the intricate practices that are overseen by Mike McCarthy, the Head coach, who is known for knocking his team publicly regarding missed assignments and mental errors. Kellen Moore, the offensive coordinator, is seen in a scene where he demands all players to be standing and making repeated claps while the snaps are being rehearsed. In one of the early scenes in Hard Knocks, McCarthy is seen to make emphasis on the players the importance of having a team personality ingrained in their roots and physicality. 

Hard Knocks Episode 2 Major Highlights

The Hard Knocks episode from this week features a video chat between Michael Irvin, the receiver of the Hall of Fame, and Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys. Lamb is the star receiver of the team and is intricately shown making spectacular single-hand catches with angles that can make your jaw drop. 

Hard Knocks also featured in this episode the recovery of Dak Prescott. The quarterback is slowly making his recovery from a strain in the shoulder of his throwing arm. This marks him putting in drills individually to help increase the pace of his recovery.

There is also a feature of Aden Durde, who has rejoined the coaching staff of the Cowboys for the second time during this offseason. Durde is shown to exhibit attacking techniques having a strong outside arm. Hard Knocks in their second episode features a lot of details that can only be experienced being present in the behind scenes.

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