Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Against A Coalition Government

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanjahu’s rivals from across the political spectrum have joined hands to oust him and form a ‘unity government. It took a slew of promises, numerous backroom deals, the last mile shifts in allegiance. But it could mark the end of Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure as the prime minister of Israel.

But Benjamin Netanyahu termed the coalition a threat to the security of the nation and even termed it a danger to Israel’s future. He pressed right-wing politicians not to go in for a deal. Naftali Bennett, an ultra-nationalist has consented to ally with Yair Lapid, a centrist.

Netanyahu said that such a fragile coalition would pose an immediate threat to the security of Israel and could even threaten the future of the nation.

But Netanyahu’s opponents may get to form only a minority regime. It will have to seek the outside support of Arab MPs.

Even Opposition Leaders Realize The Obstacles

Even Yair Lapid, the centrist leader of the opposition, said that many impediments remain towards forming a united government in Israel. Speaking to journalists, he said that it remains up to them to overcome the obstacles and find sensible compromises to realize the greater objective in the future.

The situation remains tense after the violent clashes in recent weeks and the communal clashes between Arabs and Jews in cities around Israel.

Arab Politicians are wary of supporting the ultra-right-wing Bennett. He is a strong supporter of Jewish settlements along the West Bank, claimed by the Palestinians for their proposed state.

Benjamin Netanyahu Says Bennett Carrying Out A Fraud

Benjamin Netanyahu said that any coalition government would undermine Israel’s security, even threatening its future. He has dominated politics in Israel for almost a generation.

Bennett had before the election promised not to join hands with Yair Lapid, the turnaround being termed a fraud by Benjamin Netanyahu. He accused Naftali Bennett of confusing the citizens of Israel.

Bennett and Lapid could go in for a rotational agreement at the top. Such a coalition would bring in left, right, and centrist politicians on a single platform. The only uniting factor at the moment appears to be the desire to oust Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu has offered Naftali Bennett and another potential ally a three-way split in the leadership. The offer was rejected by Bennett.