PNM Resources Updates Earnings Guidance Of FY21


PNM opened on Thursday at $49.13 in the stock market. The firm has 1.39 as the ratio between debt and equity,0.20 quick ratio, and 0.26 current ratio. The firm has $27.08 as its 52 week-low and $56.14 as its 52 week-high. The firm has $49.24 as its moving average for 50 days and $43.78 as its moving average for 200 days. 

More About PNM Stock

The firm contains $3.91 billion in market capitalization,22.23 P/E ratio,4.17 P/E/G ratio, and 0.63 beta.

PNM Resources announced the results of its Earnings on Friday,30th October. The company posted $1.40 as its earnings/share this quarter beating the analyst’s estimates by $0.11.The firm posted $472.50 million in revenue this quarter in comparison to the $522.07 million estimates of the analysts. The company had an 11.57% net margin and 10.72% equity return. The revenue of the company for his quarter increased by 9.0% in comparison to this quarter past year. During this quarter fr the past year, the firm reported $1.29 EPS. The analysts forecast an EPS of 2.27 for this year.

The company announced that the quarterly dividend will be delivered on 16th February, Tuesday. Record shareholders will get a dividend of $0.327 on 3rd February, Wednesday. This is an increase in the $0.31 quarterly dividend of the previous quarter. This indicates a 2.66% yield and an annualized dividend of $1.31.It has 56.94% as its payout ratio.

The company and its subsidiaries engage in the businesses of energy and energy-related things across the U.S.The company operates through PNM and TNMP segments. PNM segment operates the transmission, distribution, and generation of electricity.