Bernie Sanders Does Not Comply With The Idea Of “No More Policing”

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the independent Senator, gave a statement with regard to the incident of Daunte Wright that took place in Minnesota. A fatal encounter of Daunte Wright took and the police took place. Following the incident, earlier, Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic Representative from the state of Michigan had advocated for no more militarization, incarceration, or policing. However, Bernie Sanders pointed out the fact that he does not advocate the same view as that of Tlaib, another progressive.

Bernie Sanders Advocated A Reform

The independent senator stated his views to one of the popular news channels. There, he pointed out the fact that there is a dire need to bring about a change in the form of police in the country. Bernie Sanders claimed that he was tired of watching the African Americans die for no reason. He also stated that he will hope for Congress to work on the required area of the police as soon as possible.

Rashida Tlaib had taken to the social media platform, Twitter, to make her claims following the Minnesota incident. It was claimed that the systems of law enforcement that prevails in the country are racist intentionally. And that was when she had advocated her view of no more militarization and policing. Tlaib also concluded her tweet by writing that it was almost impossible for the system to get reformed. This view of the Michigan Representative from the Democrat party was rejected by Bernie Sanders.

The shooting of Daunte Wright took place last Sunday in Brooklyn Center that is in Minnesota. The incident took place ten miles away from the place of trial of Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is a former police officer of Minneapolis who is guilty of murdering George Floyd, another Black man.