Will Myers Sued By North Carolina

Will Myers
Will Myers

Will Myers is a famous name in the American Baseball circuit. He is one of the finest athletes to have played in recent times. Will has featured in the All-star team of the San Diego Padres. Myers signed with the Padres in the year 2017. The deal was finalized for a total of six years. Myers was roped in for a guaranteed price of $83 million.

However, the MLB star seems to be in trouble. He has been sued by the country club in North Carolina. At the time when the pandemic hit the world, the demand for golf rose drastically. Myers and his wife always fancied golf as a mode of entertainment. They were previously registered with a different club. After experiencing difficulties related to tee time bookings, they decided to switch. 

The couple thus opted to join the country club in Carolina. The total registration fee was $80000. This fee was to be paid in five equal installments. Will Myers paid the first installment of $16000. However, their problem related to tee time did not get sorted. With the club experiencing high traffic, Myers once again had issues with tee-time bookings. This made them resign from the club shortly. However, the club has now sued Will for monetary reasons. More details of the story are mentioned in detail below. 

Will Myers Asked To Pay Golf Registration By Carmel Country Club 

Will Myers has been accused of not having paid the remainder of his registration. He was supposed to pay the initiation money in four installments. According to the suit, a total of $64000 is still left to be paid. The club sued the athlete in March 2021, March. However, the couple countered by saying they were not provided with the promised privileges. 

Carmel did not agree with Will Myers’ accusation. They have proceeded with the suit. The hearing is scheduled for February 2022. 


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